The Jackalope} 2012

More and more, the call to work in multiple forms of media and find a niche that lies just between the well acknowledged an accepted genres of art becomes strong in a contemporary world laden with digital accessibility, maximum exposure, and the ever-looming question of “what can possibly come next?” Artists continually discover new methods of exposure and process exploring new materials, often both concrete and abstract in nature. The Jackalope} is an art conference fresh off the press designed to examine just such exploration by contemporary working artists. Founded by John Medina, Eric Fuertes, Jason Judd and Tyler York, The Jackalope} aims to promote discussions on how artists are working with a mixture of materials, non-traditional materials, and an influx of digital media to generate contemporary discussion within the arts in the age of accessibility.

The Jackalope} will take place from January 6th and 7th, 2012 at Northern Illinois University’s 215 Gallery in Dekalb, IL. Come one, come all.


-Eli Blasko (video credit: John Medina of The Jackalope})


About Eli Blasko

An artist who is tested, trusted, and usually hits the mark--say, about, 8 out of 11 times.
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