The Jackalope} 2012

More and more, the call to work in multiple forms of media and find a niche that lies just between the well acknowledged an accepted genres of art becomes strong in a contemporary world laden with digital accessibility, maximum exposure, and the ever-looming question of “what can possibly come next?” Artists continually discover new methods of exposure and process exploring new materials, often both concrete and abstract in nature. The Jackalope} is an art conference fresh off the press designed to examine just such exploration by contemporary working artists. Founded by John Medina, Eric Fuertes, Jason Judd and Tyler York, The Jackalope} aims to promote discussions on how artists are working with a mixture of materials, non-traditional materials, and an influx of digital media to generate contemporary discussion within the arts in the age of accessibility.

The Jackalope} will take place from January 6th and 7th, 2012 at Northern Illinois University’s 215 Gallery in Dekalb, IL. Come one, come all.


-Eli Blasko (video credit: John Medina of The Jackalope})

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Closing Remarks: “Response II”

The Cuture Lab’s collective exhibit “Response II” engaged audiences in Ithaca, New York during the last week of September, 2011. The show’s concept of relational aesthetics resonated strongly with both the graduate and undergraduate communities in Cornell University’s Olive Tjaden Gallery. The space provided an intimate setting for the works to interact, while simultaneously sharing a strong connection to the sentence: “I am writing this (self-reflective) sentence but it is writing you” which was centralized across the gallery floor.

Several pieces greatly increased the interactive potential of the exhibit, including Ryder Richards “am” and Piotr Chizinski’s “writing”. Richards’ piece featured a scanning device which read specific Radio Frequency IDs attached to each artist’s piece. Upon return of the scanner to its dock, “am” revealed varying video imagery. Chizinski’s “writing” featured a video game which enabled the audience to learn the use of the Dvorak keyboard format, as opposed to the widely accepted QWERTY we use today. The Dvorak format allows the keyboard user to rely on less finger motion, which increases speed and efficiency while typing. Studies have also shown that the format increases the longevity of one’s dexterity by reducing risks of carpal tunnel and repetitive strain injuries. With Chizinski’s “writing” inviting direct involvement from the audience and Richards’ “am” providing a different aspect to each individual work, both pieces created new outlets of participation, beckoning the audience to discover additional layers of the Culture Lab’s relational philosophy.

The exhibition was finalized with a lecture by Ian F. Thomas. The speech was well received by the Cornell community as Thomas focused on the great potential that collectives create for artists, especially those individuals who are absent from the easily obtained communication within the academic system. Thomas urged current students to begin considering their future options for artistic communication in the safety of the present. He also added that the Culture Lab has just begun to scratch the surface of its full potential, and we can all expect more great things from the collective’s efforts.

-Eli Blasko

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“I am writing this (self reflexive) sentence but it is writing you.”

~Noah Simblist (artist/critic/curator, Texas)

RESPONSE II: Culture Laboratory in collaboration with Noah Simblist
Olive Tjaden Gallery, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY
September 26-30, 2011

“Response II: Noah Simblist,” originally displayed at Box 13 ArtSpace in Houston, Texas, will be on exhibit at Cornell University, Ithaca, NY.

Exhibition format: An outside party (Noah Simblist) proposes a theme in the form of a 12 word sentence and a word is designated for each artist in Culture Lab. The gallery will be set up to read in a linear format following the sentence structure. Each artist will be given approx. 4 feet of horizontal space in which to ‘consider’ their word.

THEME: As a group Culture Lab will focus on themes of interpretation while highlighting ideas of diversity and individuality within a community.

Concept: The exhibit involves relational aesthetics, pinpointing the individuality of the artists and our localized attempts to remain a part of the group discussion.  Each artist is naturally unique, so the idea is to promote an artist group that does not attempt to homogenize it’s member’s but allows them a voice that contributes to the vitality of the community.

Noah Simblist is an artist, writer, curator, and associate professor at SMU in Dallas, Texas.  His work explores the relationship between politics and abstraction with an emphasis on the Palestine/Israeli conflict. Simblist has written for Artpapers, Artlies and several web publications. He has curated Abstraction/Construction at SOIL gallery in Seattle, Collecting and Collectivity at Conduit Gallery in Dallas and the 3 Propositions and a Musical Scenario in Ft Worth along with Subtext Projects.

( Coordinated by Piotr Chizinski ) (Written by Ryder Richards)

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Michigan Mud

This year I was asked to be a demonstrator at the biannual conference, Michigan Mudd.  Here are a few pics of my platter demonstration and from the presenters exhibitions.

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